Website Design

Aerospace EngineeringAt Web Genius Consulting Our mission is to provide powerful solutions for companies interested in improving their both their image and the consumer’s experience. We are committed to developing creative solutions that both captivate and perform.

But what makes an excellent Website? Striking graphics are a must but alone cannot do the job. Truly effective Web Sites are able to captivate your customers, accomplish your business needs, and ultimately bring your customer closer to you.

With every site that we develop, we comply with the strictest web standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This practice means that all of your sites are accessible from every browser and the content is optimized for searching.

E-Commerce Storefronts

Learn To Sing Better FastThe Web is an unparalleled means for selling your services or products and/or services to customers around the globe. You are no longer bound by a single market, demographic, or geographic area.

Web Genius Consulting provides e-commerce and shopping cart solutions that allow you to expand your business’s products and/or services to a worldwide market.

Tailored for medium businesses, our reliable e-commerce
includes powerful functionality with the ability to:

–  Add and update products             –  Track order histories
–  Sell downloadable products         –  Manage customer accounts
–  Create coupon codes                   –  And much more

Upgrades And Updates

Recording Studio RentalsYour site’s running like clockwork, but who’s keeping the clock ticking?

Keep your site fresh with our maintenance plans, which are tailor-made to help you manage the growth of your site and stimulate the further expansion of your business.

Some of the maintenance services we provide are:

–  Improving functionality
–  Adding new features to enhance your visitor’s experience
–  Fixing, editing, or adding content to your site

Social Media/Networking

Online University WebsiteAre you effectively leveraging Social Media Websites to increase your traffic and market your business?

• 200 million + active Twitter users
• 800 million + active Facebook users
• 3 billion views a day on YouTube

The advertising opportunities afforded by Social Media Sites are astounding. Considering the ease of use, the low costs, and the massive built-in audiences – no business can afford not to take advantage of the advertising avenues afforded by sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Social Media Marketing and Optimization has now become an integral part of any successful advertising campaign.


Nonprofit FoundationThe World Wide Web is a digital jungle but together we can successfully navigate the rapidly changing terrain.

At Web Genius Consulting, our focus is always on the long term growth of your company and it’s site.

We realize that a website should enhance a company’s image, this goal can only be achieved through proper integration with your existing corporate strategies.

Whatever your consulting needs Web Genius Consulting will take the time necessary to ensure you understand the technologies and processes involved in your Company’s Internet venture.